Celebrating Our Stars

Theresa Arbuckle excels at helping our customers – and always with a smile – which is why she was one of four recipients of the NSLC’s CEO Shining Star Award.

Theresa Arbuckle excels at helping our customers – and always with a smile – which is why she was one of four recipients of the NSLC’s CEO Shining Star Award.

Some 27 years ago, a small oblong package arrived at work for Theresa Arbuckle. She opened it and inside was a book about providing first-rate customer service. It came from a customer Theresa had spoken with on the phone and he wanted to thank her for exemplifying superb customer-focused service. 

In recognition of the outstanding service Theresa continues to provide nearly three decades later, she was named one of four recipients of the NSLC’s CEO Shining Star Award. The award salutes employees who make a significant contribution to the corporation’s success and demonstrate a sustained commitment to excellence in all that they do.

Theresa still has that book and remembers what the customer said to her. “He told me, ‘It’s like you smile through the phone.’” That’s the attitude she continues to bring to work every day as Facilities Manager.

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Gloria King
Customer focus is also paramount for Gloria King, Product Specialist at our Kentville store and fellow recipient of the CEO Shining Star Award. Gloria comes to work every day bursting with knowledge and optimism, totally engaged in everything to which she turns her attention. Sharing her product knowledge with the team and supporting local products are her on-going priorities. Gloria is a true role model for her co-workers, living the NSLC’s KORE values of knowledge, optimism, respect and engagement every single day.

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Terri Mosher
President and CEO Bret Mitchell had the unique honour of also bestowing Gloria’s daughter Terri Mosher with the CEO Shining Star Award. Terri is the NSLC’s Internal Communications Specialist and her face lights up when she talks of her deep commitment to fostering employee engagement. “That’s what keeps me up at night. I want to support our employees in feeling valued and important in the workplace. They are integral to our success and it’s important that we respect and connect with each other. Our people are the NSLC and celebrating them is what I thrive on.” Terri also step ups up on her own time to volunteer for Cabbioke parades and corporate events.

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Jeremy Archibald
Our fourth winner was Jeremy Archibald of the Finance Business Unit. He’s been described as the glue that holds the business together and made a significant contribution to the NSLC’s success last year. Jeremy’s keen business acumen came to the forefront through his work on the Investment Management Policy as he collaborated with stakeholders both inside and outside the business. Jeremy is known for treating everyone with respect and is always willing to help others, investing as much in his community by coaching rugby as he does in his workplace.

We are extremely proud of all our employees as they work across this province to deliver a world of responsible beverage enjoyment. It takes a lot of hard individual and team work to truly delight our customers and we’re thrilled to recognize and celebrate our employees’ efforts.

An impressive 21 employees received peer-nominated ‘Star’ awards over the past year and we commended the outstanding performance of teams of employees with our Region of the Year and Store of the Year awards.

For the second year in a row, Cape Breton was Our Region of the Year for 2016-2017, substantially exceeding its sales target, attaining the highest sales increase of any region in the province. “Our people achieved this incredible accomplishment while meeting all other targets and working hard to ensure beverage alcohol stays out of the hands of minors,” said Paul Rapp, Vice President of Customer Experience.

Paul indicates employee engagement is extremely high in Cape Breton with our people extremely involved in their communities. They also have a true talent with merchandizing and are exceptionally creative and focused on detail.

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Our Tantallon store was named Store of the Year. Manager Glenn Devanney said while the team excelled at all targets and goals, the reason customers keep coming back is because they receive exceptional customer service. “It’s about creating excitement and delivering a really positive customer experience,” Glenn said, and that’s what our employees in Tantallon do so well.

The store has collaborated with local food vendors and restaurants to provide tastings and pairings that appeal to a wide range of customers and employees are deeply invested in their community, volunteering their time to help others.

The Retail Store Awards celebrated the top stores in our retail network that consistently demonstrated our KORE values while achieving or exceeding store targets, including customer satisfaction scores, merchandising and We ID mystery shop scores. Our stores in Sydney River, Baddeck, Porters Lake and Stewiacke all received Top Performing Store Awards for their outstanding work.

This was the third year of our peer-to-peer nominated Star Award program, celebrating our people who excel in the areas of Customer Service, Collaboration and Leadership as they consistently invest their time and energy in providing exceptional service. Our deserving winners this year were Joana Galante, Jennifer Gray, Andrew Stenhouse, Rachel Handspiker, Sheri Robertson, Don Godreau, Mark Turnbull, Chris Mitton, Mike Haley, Cathy MacDonald, Kelly Kendall, Sylvia Smith, Emma Spawn, Chris Belliveau, Ikue Garland, Sherry Graves, Ashley Delaney, Darla Lauchlan, Gavin Alward, Jim Ross and Joanne Worth.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award went to our East Side New Glasgow Team. Employees were honoured as excellent stewards of the environment and of responsible retailing. They encourage customers to bring their own re-useable bags, approach and ID customers as they enter the store, regularly volunteer for such initiatives as Habitat for Humanity and enjoy challenging each other and engaging with customers through fundraising efforts.

Our people truly are the reason the NSLC is a respected and respectful corporation that puts our customers first.