Service Excellence

At the NSLC, it’s all about our customers. Between our stores and our wholesale customers, the NSLC does 17 million transactions a year. That represents a lot of customers and customer interactions and it’s important that we treat every single person with respect and integrity. Our customers are the focus of everything we do. We strive to engage in meaningful and knowledgeable conversations so that they find the product that suits them and walk out of our stores having learned something new. 

Every month, we ask Nova Scotians what they think of us through telephone surveys and we use these insights to inform all aspects of our business – from employee training to product offerings. These reviews tell us our people provide a warm, welcoming and informative experience for our customers. 

We had a 90 per cent satisfaction rate at the end of our fiscal year with fully half of the people we spoke with giving us a perfect 10 out of 10.  

“We’ve very proud of these results,” said Stephen Ford, Insights Manager. Customers commend our employees on their friendliness and product knowledge as well as the welcoming look and feel of our stores. We focus on continuous training and employee development because our customers place such high value on well-informed, helpful employees. 

Jackie McCullough started out as a casual employee working on cash in one of our Bedford stores. A natural with our customers, she has studied hard to learn about our products. Her knowledge has expanded so much that customers look for her when they visit our Fall River store, value her recommendations and provide her with feedback that she takes to heart. Jackie works hard and has a desire to do well. At the NSLC, she saw an opportunity to build a career while still being able to interact with our customers, because that’s the part of her job she loves most. 

Customers are at the forefront of every discussion that informs our business decisions at the NSLC. Listen to Jackie tell us what providing exceptional customer service means to her: